Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert, Creative Voice of Reason

Just became aware of the untimely death of newsman Tim Russert.  He fell victim to a heart attack this past Friday, June 13. What a shame, what a loss for journalism and all fair-minded Americans.  He was a voice of reason in the journalistic scene and was respected by both sides in the USA.  Simply because he was honest, well informed, tough, fair, and he asked great questions.

Two lessons to learn from his sudden death of a heart attack.

One, competency in one area does not mean you aren't blind in another.  Tim was clearly overweight and at risk, and he knew it. The wise person would have modified his behavior instead of depending on drugs to prevent disease.  Tim was a wise man, but this was his blind spot.  If you have a friend, or if you yourself are obese, learn from Tim, and make a resolution to eat wisely and exercise.

The second lesson is one about creativity.  Tim was effective as a news person because he combined the creative principle of deep challenge exploration with the personal attribute of integrity. It is indeed a powerful combination.  This was Tim Russert's winning formula, and we can all learn from his example.
Tim, your voice of informed reason, your creativity as a journalist, will be sorely missed.

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